Online Counseling

It is always very difficult to find the best psychologist in Islamabad for counseling. But for the very first time, Natasha Shaukat, the best psychologist in Islamabad and its surroundings, is offering not only the face-to-face counseling but also the online counseling.

How to get an appointment?

It's really easy to get an appointment for face-to-face or online counseling with Natasha, the best psychologist in Islamabad. Simply, call +92 300 677 7593 or +92 341 514 89 90 to get an appointment. Online counseling is done through Skype messenger. More details will be provided once the appointment is taken.

Who's Natasha Shaukat?

Natasha Shaukat is the best psychologist in Islamabad. She is expert in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, and nutrition. She offers face-to-face and online counseling on a variety of issues including Depression, Stress, Phobias, relationships, and disorders like personality disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders.

Natasha's Qualification and Experiences:

She is an M.Sc in Psychology (done from BZU Multan) and PGD in Human Diet and Nutrition (done from PIMS), and PGD in Clinical Psychology (done from PIMS). She is also a respected member of American Psychological Association (APA) and has an academic interest in CBT, psychometrics & testing, Freudian psychology, and other related areas.

Natasha Shaukat has extensive training and experience on various psychological issues. She specializes in critical cases of dementia, epilepsy, and child psychology. She has more than 17 years of professional experience in various hospitals. Since 2003 she has been working with Dr. Mazhar Badshah, Head Department of Neurology, PIMS Islamabad.